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Wow. I’m sure you’ve all seen this girl’s fantastic tardis dress floating around here the last week or so. She hand painted the inside and everything, and she just looks plain great. But of course, I see it posted on facebook, and the slew of comments begin.

I don’t think it’s a mystery as to why I, as a bigger girl, spend the week before a convention crying because I’m so nervous about what people are going to say about me just because I want to dress up and have fun like everyone else. And there is something really, really fucking wrong with that.

I’m sorry, but this girl is this shit. Her dress is incredible, she has an awesome smile & you fuckers are pathetic. 

I mean look at her lil hat too <3333333

I hate people. This world couldn’t be more cruel.

This is why I hate people.



Where did you go?! I hate January. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside and I just can’t be bothered to do ANYTHING. I really haven’t been myself the last couple of weeks… And that’s not just coming from me. Several people have mentioned that I’m quiet or seem unhappy… Which is not me. I’m the most positive, upbeat, optimistic person I know. So why do I feel like shit all the time at the moment???

Sometimes in life when people ask you how are you, you just say “fine”.

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